Hosting4Jesus Internet Solutions
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Hosting for Jesus? Why is that? Maybe you have this question. Maybe you are already able to imagine what we might mean by this. The reason we chose this name is very simple. We are just thankful to the creator of the universe for sending his son Jesus to this earth. This thankfulness goes beyond our ability to express. One way we would like to demonstrate this is by performing every part of Internet-related service with all our hearts, just as if we were doing these tasks directly for Jesus and not just for men.

"Whatever you do, just do it with all of your heart as if you were doing it for God and not for men."
Paul's letter to the Colossians, chapter 3, verse 23

Of course, this is a high standard. But we enjoy challenges and believe it is possible to grow into a partnership of this kind with both God and men. Together with Jesus we would like to help taking the impact and success of your church, ministry, or business to the next level. We believe this will help the young generation to enter into their calling and destiny.

Hosting4Jesus - Providing Innovative Internet Solutions With Passion